SAMAR - About us

The Automotive Market Research Institute (IBRM) SAMAR has been on the market for nearly 20 years. Its operation concentrates on gathering, compiling, analysing and publishing via dedicated website, or in the shape of comparative studies, of generally available and openly accessible data on the automotive market in Poland.

The data gathered and processed by IBRM SAMAR is obtained in a completely transparent manner from manufacturers, dealers and various other players involved in the automotive market, as well as from government units, including the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance. All the gathered data is of open and generally accessible nature, while the analyses prepared based on this data are carried out exclusively using objective criteria.

Chief objective of the IBRM SAMAR operations is to prepare market analyses to present the trends in passengers car, light and medium commercial vehicle as well as truck sales and registrations, possible scenarios for the market growth in the future, comparison with previous periods, as well as comparative study of market offers from individual brands, types and versions of cars and commercial vehicles available on the Polish market, after they have been reduced to essential features or components, that make a reliable comparison possible. Those features and components, that are subject to comparisons, normally relate to vehicle specifications or marketing strategies used by individual automakers or dealers, including price reductions or discounts or any other special deals.

The reports and studies prepared by IBRM SAMAR are based purely on objective criteria and assume that any attempt at evaluating, judging or expressing preference for objects or units are specifically excluded. The only basis for analysis is the relevant data that can be compared and verified, resulting from objective studies whose content is open and which are open about the sources of the data used. This data is subsequently processed using clearly defined, open methods designed to produce an objective image of the car and commercial vehicle market in Poland.

The results of our analyst work are available in a range of basic forms and formats based exclusively on the data coming from the data bases built by IBRM SAMAR. This range includes:

  1. So-called finished reports based on our own ongoing and up-to-date analyses. These reports are created using specialist and continuously updated templates developed by IBRM SAMAR analysts. These reports are designed as comprehensive and in-depth reports that are being updated on a monthly basis. They contain standardised analysis of the current situation on the Polish automotive market nationwide and on the markets in individual regions.
  2. Dedicated reports prepared specifically for the customer’s own needs, in line with his guidelines specified in the purchase order and taking into consideration the customer’s own specific requirements (such as customer’s own division of the vehicles on the market into segments that may be different from the segments normally defined by IBRM SAMAR). Just like finished reports, the dedicated reports are being updated on a monthly basis.
  3. Multi-dimensional analyses generated directly by the customer himself, using a specialist IBRM SAMAR application made available to him on the website. Such analyses are created based on a pivot table formula that makes it possible to tailor the content of a particular report under preparation to individually defined customer requirements. Results are available in the shape of a report generated by this application, in an MS Excel or pdf formats.
  4. Comparative tools available to consumers (free of charge) directly through our IBRM SAMAR website, make it possible for all website users to prepare clear and objective comparisons between cars offered on the Polish market.