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This database containing information on sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles on the Polish automotive market has been created on the basis of data collected from manufacturers. It provides an overview of sales volumes as well as basic characteristics of a vehicle, including the make, model, engine capacity (specified both in liters and cubic centimeters), fuel type, body type, equipment level, transmission type, car segment (the system enables operating with any type of segmentation, including the one suggested by the manufacturer) and the country of origin. Additionally, prices from the current sales offers (including promotional offers, if a manufacturer offers price rebates) and standard equipment specifications are assigned to each vehicle. The system contains sales data which enables the preparation of sales analyses starting from the year 1998.


The data compiled by IBRM SAMAR provides information on the technical specifications of a vehicle as well as standard equipment and available options including any equipment conjunctions and incompatibilities that may occur between certain options. The database contains over 300 specification entries assigned to each model, which makes it the most complex and comprehensive database on the Polish market. Another asset of the database is the extensive photographic material presenting all equipment elements. The database is closely linked to the vehicle configurator, which allows the potential customer to build their own vehicle with selected specifications. The access to information in the database enables a comparison of vehicles offered by manufacturers according to the standard equipment and available (built-in) options. The database is updated on a regular basis as new information appears.


This database is compiled on the basis of information officially released by manufacturers and their official representatives (it does not include information from dealers). All promotional offers are classified according to the type of promotion chosen by a manufacturer and assigned to the model and version they refer to. Each promotional offer entered into the system of promotions is an integral part of the configurator. The content of the database is updated on a regular basis.


Information on prices of particular vehicles offered by manufacturers on the Polish market is collected in a specially designed database. It encompasses all data enabling effective vehicle identification, including the make, model, engine capacity, fuel type, body type, transmission type and equipment level. If a manufacturer conducts a promotional campaign which leads to a direct reduction of the initial price, information about this reduction appears in the database. The resources comprise data collected since 1998, which allows for an analysis of changes in the pricing policy in a given period of time. The database is closely linked to the sales database, thanks to which the relations between the sales volumes and price of an offered model can be analyzed.

Vehicle registration data

Baza rejestracji przygotowywana jest w oparciu o udostępniane przez MSWiA informacje pochodzące z Centralnej Ewidencji Pojazdów. Obejmuje ona dane dotyczące po raz pierwszy rejestrowanych na terenie Polski samochodów nowych i używanych sprowadzanych z innych krajów Unii Europejskiej oraz spoza Unii, samochodów zmieniających właściciela na rynku wewnętrznym (obrót wewnętrzny samochodami używanymi) oraz tzw. parku, czyli wszystkich pojazdów zarejestrowanych w danym momencie w Polsce. Baza zawiera m.in. dane dotyczące typu pojazdu, marki, modelu, pojemności silnika, rodzaju paliwa (w tym paliwa alternatywnego), typu nadwozia, roku produkcji, ładowności, rodzaju klienta (klient instytucjonalny – wyróżnione firmy leasingowe, CFM, dealerzy i producenci/importerzy oraz osoba prywatna), miejsce rejestracji (wyrażone kodem TERYT) oraz liczby rejestrowanych aut. Oprócz parku, pozostałe bazy aktualizowane są co miesiąc. Surowe bazy pozyskane z MSWiA podlegają procesowi „czyszczenia“ oraz uzupełniania o inne dane istotne z punktu widzenia analiz rynkowych, w tym rozpoznane dane klienta oraz segmentacje rynkowe (w tym także segmentacje producenckie). Informacja o pojazdach po raz pierwszy rejestrowanych na terenie Polski sięga roku 2005, z tym że obecny poziom szczegółowości dostępny jest począwszy od roku 2010.


The basic compilation drawn up by IBRM SAMAR comprises in the first place a list of authorized dealers on the Polish market. Among collected data one can find contact details of different dealer points, information on a represented or s (in case of multi- dealers), status of a dealer (main dealer, a subsidiary, a sales point, a servicing dealer, an auto parts dealer, a body and paint repair service point). Due to the opportunity that has emerged to gain access to the data of the Central Vehicles Register CEP on corporate clients acquiring vehicles, the database has been extended with information concerning those customers. The database is verified and updated on a regular basis, both in terms of information on dealers and companies purchasing vehicles


Data on used vehicles imported to Poland comes from the resources of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration MSWiA. The database comprises information on vehicles imported from EU and Non-EU countries, including the make, production year, customs clearance place and the value of excise tax paid. Due to delays resulting from taxes being handed over from subsequent customs offices, there may be some variation in the results for the preceding month. Import data has been collected since 2004.

‘Analyses and reports’ modelue of samar.pl system

The Automotive Market Research Institute IBRM SAMAR is the leading professional supplier of information about the Polish automotive market and the tools that enable its complex analysis. Ever since the Company entered the market in 1992, it has been in close co-operation with manufacturers and their representatives, dealers and other companies contributing to the automotive branch both on the domestic and foreign markets. The experience gained by the Company throughout these years is reflected in the reports and analyses it prepares. IBRM SAMAR took the advantage of it while creating the 'Analyses and reports' module. The module constitutes an integral part of the SAMAR.PL web service dedicated to corporate clients (directly or indirectly) associated with the automotive branch in Poland. It provides access to the so-called prepared reports, drawn up on the basis of templates designed and constantly upgraded by the IBRM SAMAR analysts, and dynamic reports enabling a complex market analysis on the national and regional level. Additionally, the module gives access to the system of multi-level analyses SARA, developed by the German corporation BDW Automotive, the global partner of IBRM SAMAR.

The database of IBRM SAMAR encompasses a wide range of information concerning the Polish automotive market, including sales, registration of vehicles, import, prices, specifications (including standard and optional equipment, with all equipment conjunctions and incompatibilities), promotions from car manufacturers, as well as a list of authorized sellers and service points. The data gathered by SAMAR comes directly from manufacturers, dealers and the resources of the Central Vehicles and Drivers Register (CEPiK), Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and Central Statistical Office (GUS). Each database is constantly updated, which enables a complex market analysis. The prices and specifications database containing a wide range of information on the equipment of vehicles offered on the Polish market with its extensive photographic material deserves special recognition.

PREPARED REPORTS are available in a specially designed section in the 'Analyses and Reports' module. On the list of prepared reports you can find standard reports drawn up by the IBRM SAMAR analysts, containing the analysis of the situation on the national and regional markets, as well as dedicated reports, tailored to the needs of particular customers. These reports include a full range of information from the databases of IBRM SAMAR and are usually upgraded on a monthly basis.

DYNAMIC REPORTS, like prepared reports, can be drawn up on the basis of data on vehicle registration, as well as prices and specifications collected in the databases of IBRM SAMAR. A new analytic module has been designed exclusively by the IBRM SAMAR employees to facilitate the preparation of reports. The module allows creating multidimensional analyses by using available templates or the pivot table, which enables a flexible arrangement of the report (layout). The report is generated after it has been defined in a specially designed form in MS Excel or PDF format.

The access to prepared reports and dynamic reports is available only upon obtaining proper entitlements. The user can store the selected prepared reports and defined dynamic reports in a special USER FOLDER. The reports are regularly updated.

The system of multidimensional analyses SARA operates on-line and enables an in-depth analysis of the development of the automotive market, taking into account factors such as the manufacturer, product, spheres of influence of dealers and sales flow. It allows for an analysis of the current vehicle registration results, the so-called car park, as well as prices and technical criteria, such as CO2 emissions.

The SARA system addresses different target groups. It enables selective access to databases, depending on the customer's needs and can be used by marketing departments, sales departments, network development planning departments and dealers. At present it has more than 10,000 users.