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The new AK Syrena Meluzyna Kabri

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AK Motor International Corporation launches the new AK Syrena Meluzyna Kabri, the first official Syrena convertible automobile in a series of new models from the legendary Polish "Syrena" brand.

The Kabri is the first official Syrena convertible automobile intended for production in the Syrena brand's 60 year history. Representing the concept of affordable luxury, the Kabri features an economical and inherently safe way to achieve a car without a roof. In an effort to keep the price down, there is no complex automatic mechanism for retracting the roof. There are structural frames surrounding the windshield and backlight which function as permanent A and C pillars.

These structural frames are permanent roll bars allowing the highest possible safety for a convertible in case of a rollover. A light-weight, central rag-top will mount easily to cover the roof and can be just as easily removed, rolled up, folded, and stored in the boot of the automobile. A hard-top can be installed for winter months which will also have mounting points for a roof rack for snow-boards or skis.

There are also economical, practical and utilitarian benefits to the new Kabri design. As there is no cumbersome mechanism to be stowed in a rooftop compartment, the weight of the vehicle will be reduced and there is no negative impact to the boot space within the Kabri model. The boot space remains virtually the same whether the roof is up or down when compared with the normal Syrena Meluzyna fixed-roof hardtop automobile. The rear seats also fold down giving ample, practical, and utilitarian storage space.

The new AK Syrena Meluzyna Kabri also features a return to the classic "Luxury Doors" which all vintage Syrena models featured from 1955 to 1972. Keeping with the theme of modularity of the Syrena Meluzyna platform there is an entirely new mechanism for opening and closing the doors of the Kabri. Luxury Doors are a great Syrena tradition which has been reinvented specifically for the convertible Kabri model.

The doors are hinged at the rear allowing them to open forward. This sort of door configuration is reserved today for only some of the most exclusive, high-end luxury vehicles of the world. There is the sort of technology today which makes them completely safe. The Kabri door handles are a neat and clever continuation of a graphic ornament which is fixed onto the front fenders. The Syrena mermaid icon is cradled inside this circular ornamental detail but can be replaced by the vehicle's owner to a different graphic element which expresses their own individuality such as a city crest, a football team logo, a family logo, or their favourite cartoon character.

With a target price tag of PLN 60,000-70,000, the AK Syrena Meluzyna Kabri truly continues the theme of affordable luxury. The Kabri is the perfect, affordable yet luxurious and stylish, automobile to enjoy the freedom of open-top grand touring without any compromises in practicality or safety.

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