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Germany's DEKRA releases 2010 car reliability report

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Germany's vehicle certification body DEKRA has released its 2010 car reliability study, the research based on more than 15 million vehicle tests carried out in the country over the last two years.

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In 13 out of the total 21 categories, German brand cars were rated as the most reliable ahead of their foreign rivals' offerings.

Crucially, DEKRA's 2010 figures were adjusted to the cars' mileage rather than their age, in a bid to provide customers with the most accurate vehicle reliability data possible.

The DEKRA 2010 top cars for reliability are:
- Opel Corsa followed by Smart Fortwo and Toyota Yaris (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Toyota Yaris followed by Renault Clio and Mazda2 (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Honda Jazz followed by Audi A2 and Ford Fiesta (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- Toyota Prius followed by SEAT Leon and Mazda3 (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Mercedes-Benz B-Class followed by VW Golf/Jetta/Golf Plus and Skoda Octavia (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Skoda Octavia followed by VW Golf/Jetta/Golf Plus and Ford Focus (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- Audi A4 followed by Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series (mileage up to 50,000km)
- BMW 3-Series followed by Volvo S40/V50 and VW Passat (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Volvo S40/V50 followed by BMW 3-Series and VW Passat (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- Audi A6 followed by Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 5-Series (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Audi A6 followed by Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Audi A8 followed by Audi A6 and BMW 5-Series (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- Mazda MX-5 followed by VW Eos and BMW 6-Series Coupe/Cabrio (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Mercedes SLK followed by Opel Tigra Twin Top and BMW Z4 Cabrio/Coupe (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Porsche 911 followed by Mercedes-Benz CLK and Mazda MX-5 (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- BMW X3 followed by Toyota RAV4 and Porsche Cayenne (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Porsche Cayenne followed by BMW X3 and Toyota RAV4 (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- BMW X3 followed by VW Touareg and BMW X5 (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

- Nissan Note followed by Skoda Roomster and Ford Galaxy/S-Max (mileage up to 50,000km)
- Mazda5 followed by SEAT Altea/Toledo and Ford Galaxy/S-Max (mileage 50,000-100,000km)
- Opel Zafira followed by VW Touran and Ford C-Max (mileage 100,000-150,000km)

Rated as the most reliable vehicle among car models with mileage up to 50,000km, the Opel Corsa D passed 97.6% of DEKRA certification tests without any problems, followed by the Audi A4 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Just like the 2009 list, the 2010 DEKRA ranking features a category called ‘Best of all classes’, in a bid to recognise car models with outstanding reliability performance based on the average score in all the three mileage levels combined. Accordingly, the Audi A6 won the top spot, leading the way ahead of the BMW X3 and the BMW 3-Series.


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